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The Plugged Group We believe in the
power of human emotion

At The Plugged Group we are proud to represent Plugged Live Shows, The Fireflies & Plugged Media

These companies operate in the live entertainment industry, creating custom shows and entertainment programs for clients across the globe. From dance events to corporate dinners, we have amazed audiences with our unique and engaging live experiences.

We believe that every occasion can be elevated into something truly special. Whether it is a grand custom live show or the birthday celebration of our colleagues, we approach each project with the same level of creativity. We find amazement in everything we do. This makes our careers a creative and fulfilling endeavor.

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Growth and self-development

We believe that the personal and professional growth of our team members is a key element to our business achievements, our fulfillment, and our daily happiness. We are a learning organization, which we facilitate via your Personal Development Plan, The Plugged Academy platform or via the recurring Masterclasses of industry professionals.

27 holidays

Each year you get 25 days off to spend plus an additional two extra days during Carnaval. You get these days on top of the regular Dutch holidays.

Personal inspiration budget

An annual budget to get inspired by all the world has to offer, whether you spend it on concert tickets, mazes or books - you know how to get that creative train rolling.

There is a thing like 'free lunch'

We’ll facilitate a daily lunch, based on the preferences of the team. Our lunches include an occasional battle between the carblovers, the salad enthusiasts and tosti-fanatics, and we won’t shy away from a DJ behind the decks now and then.

Design your pension

We invite specialists from Bright Pension on a yearly basis, to educate and guide YOU on this maze of rules, numbers and regulations within the pension field.

Our Fun and Craziness Committee

This committee exists out of team members across the different entities, and organizes celebrations all year round, the breakfast-club, sports committee, Thursday- or Friday drinks with an open stage, a diversity of company outings and more.

Inspiring office in Breda

We hold office in a beautiful old church, located in the heart of Breda city at a walking distance from the Central Station. We see our office as a creative hotspot, combined with working conditions that enable our success.

Meaningful memories at our core

We believe in the Power of Human Emotions. The greatest gift in life is our ability to impact the way other people feel. And we've made it our mission to touch people's souls by creating meaningful memories. For our clients, amongst each other, or by donating to 'Stichting Jarige Job' for every one of our team member's birthdays, our common goal is to create memories that stick, that move, that resonate. And we do this, together.

Our Pillars Our Values are
our foundation

We have established five pillars that guide our brands. We use these pillars to unlock the power of each contributing member, to enable ourselves to create unforgettable international experiences and memories. For our clients, and our own sense of purpose.


Being Remarkable

We stand out in a crowd because we dare to challenge the status quo. We flip reality upside down and shake things up. We stimulate renewal and make new combinations which lead to unexpected outcomes. This colors the world around us. It leaves a mark everywhere we go. This represents our gift to the world.



Our origin makes us humble, open, personal and friendly. We want to establish relationships built upon trust. We treat others the way we want to be treated. We are a flexible bunch of people on a thrilling journey together. We co-create. With clients, with suppliers, with different cultures and an array of specialists. Accessibility leads to candor. And candor mixed with respect leads to optimum creative results.


Voyager One

We are on an adventure, discovering new universes, not knowing where we will end up. Our hunt for new insights and ideas is continuous & contagious. We admire the avant garde & and are curious to explore the new, to learn and to experiment. We dare to fail, and we fail fast. All in the name of pushing the boundaries, to find better ways..


Peak Performance

Being your best self is a continuous process of growth, learning and personal leadership. As we aim for the peak of our personal ability, we will help one another in the enablement thereof. Because our performance is a team effort, allowing room for lessons to be learnt and getting back up on our feet, making it a meaningful journey.


Fun & Craziness

Our inner child is our muse, making us see the world as one big playground. Our fantasy can take us anywhere and our curiosity leads us there. Fun tears down walls, and craziness opens realms of ideas.

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