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  • Breda


  • Fulltime
  • 40 hours

Job Description

  • Creative Producer Performing Arts


  • Event production
  • Performing arts
  • Showmaking

Do you want to be a part of a fast growing creative studio? One where you touch people’s souls by creating meaningful memories. We are on the lookout for a Creative Producer Performing Arts to join our team in the creation of custom-made international live shows.

Plugged Live Shows creates one of a kind live shows, worldwide. We are an experiential studio that engages audiences and touches individuals by creating signature shows with a creative vision and a deep communicative core.

You are a Creative producer with experience in ‘Performing Arts’. You merge art, commerce and production seamlessly into unforgettable live experiences.  You will work with, and grow our network of musicians, dancers and other performers, composers, arrangers, choreographers, costume designers, you name it. You are a master in organizing complex processes, especially when mixed with artistic and aesthetic challenges. You feel an urge to turn our clients’ dreams into reality. You create a solution to every challenge you come across. You understand what our (creative) team needs to excel.

In this role you.

  • Work with the Art Director and Executive producer to realize custom performance creations with international / external teams;
  • Bring together composers, arrangers and musicians and facilitate the creative process with soulstriking music performances as the outcome;
  • Are responsible for file management of audio, clicktracks and timecode;
  • Organize music recordings in music studio’s with the necessary specialists;
  • Bring together choreographers, dancers or other performers such as aerials and acrobatics and facilitate the creative process with a stunning live performance as outcome;
  • Organize and facilitate the rehearsals, in rehearsal studios and on location, and enables the time and resources in order for the performers to excel;
  • You will work together with the project manager to organize the logistics to- and facilities at the venue of performance;
  • Together with the art director, you will work with fashion designers and ensure the creative process of costume creation, including fittings and logistics;
  • Finetune the processes of our ‘Performing Arts building block’ and measure data on the progress of milestones, and deliverables;
  • Prioritize deliverables, ensures team-happiness and ensure the quality of the end product;
  • Resolve any productional and practical challenges;
  • Facilitate the creative and production team with inspiration, enthusiasm and structure;
  • Are a source of inspiration for the Plugged Live Shows team. He or she is always on the hunt for new trends / technologies and other cool stuff to develop our creative products and inspire the team;
  • Are always in the hunt for new pearls in the industry. It’s his or her responsibility to find and select new talent together with the art director of the project;
  • Organize auditions to select the right artists for the show. This is a collaboration with the art director, music composer, choreographer, etc..

Our wishlist.

We are looking for a Creative Producer with the following traits.

  • Proven experience in the role of (international) project management, creative production or music touring industry with a network of artists;
  • Expert when it comes to organization, planning and ensuring on time delivery of work;
  • You are able to balance the business aspects with the creative process;
  • You are familiar in the live-entertainment industry and feel comfortable within its demanding, international and dynamic character;
  • You keep your calm, even in stressful situations and are able to juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities with ease;
  • You have well developed communication skills and you know how to coach and facilitate diverse groups of people;
  • Experience in: ERP systems and project management tools like Wrike;
  • Outstanding communication skills, in English / Dutch (preferred);
  • Experience as a performer, creator, or technical abilities such as with media servers is an advantage.

Benefits Experience the perks of working with us

Growth and self-development

We believe that the personal and professional growth of our team members is a key element to our business achievements, our fulfillment, and our daily happiness. We are a learning organization, which we facilitate via your Personal Development Plan, The Plugged Academy platform or via the recurring Masterclasses of industry professionals.

27 Free days

Each year you get 25 days off to spend plus an additional two extra days during Carnaval. You get these days on top of the regular Dutch holidays.

There is a thing like free lunch

We’ll facilitate a daily lunch, based on the preferences of the team. Our lunches include an occasional battle between the carblovers, the salad enthusiasts and tosti-fanatics, and we won’t shy away from a DJ behind the decks now and then.

Design your pension

We invite specialists from Bright Pension on a yearly basis, to educate and guide you on this maze of rules, numbers and regulations within the pension field.

Our Fun and Craziness Committee

This committee exists out of team members across the different entities, and organizes celebrations all year round, the breakfast-club, sports committee, Thursday- or Friday drinks with an open stage, a diversity of company outings and more.

Inspiring office in Breda

We hold office in a beautiful old church, located in the heart of Breda city at a walking distance from the Central Station. We see our office as a creative hotspot, combined with working conditions that enable our success.

Meaningful memories at our core

We believe in the Power of Human Emotions. The greatest gift in life is our ability to impact the way other people feel. And we've made it our mission to touch people's souls by creating meaningful memories. For our clients, amongst each other, or by donating to 'Stichting Jarige Job' for every one of our team member's birthdays, our common goal is to create memories that stick, that move, that resonate. And we do this, together.